Posted by: annjoyal | May 27, 2015

Peninsula Point All-Day Field Trip Sunday, May 19, 2019

Peninsula Point Lighthouse at the tip of the Stonington Peninsula is one of the best locations in the UP to witness spring migration. Hundreds of neo-tropical songbirds like warblers, tanagers, orioles, grosbeaks, vireos, buntings and thrushes are readily found each year along with shorter distance migrants like sparrows, jays, woodpeckers, chickadees and finches. On a good day, a birder can easily tally over 100 species including over 20 species of warblers.

Date: Sunday, May 19
Time: All day (arriving around dawn will give you the best views)
Carpooling: Please make your own arrangements for rides.
Picnic: mid-day cookout in the picnic area – bring your own food and beverages

Driving Instructions: From US Highway 2 proceed 2.8 miles east from Rapid River; take the exit towards Stonington and travel south on County Road 513. Follow CR 513 for 17.7 miles to the tip of the peninsula, where you will find the Peninsula Point Lighthouse.

Information: Contact Beth Olson (phone: 906-360-4366 or email

Some highlights from past field trips include both Summer and Western Tanagers, Hooded Warblers, Connecticut Warblers, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Indigo Buntings, egrets, swans, terns, yellowlegs, and hundreds of Whimbrels.


Join us for some of the spring’s best birding. A bonus of this gathering is that there will be plenty of expert birders available to help with spotting and bird-identification.



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